Lifeline Hospital Sohar and Liwa Health Centre promote breast cancer awareness

In association with Liwa Health Centre and Nabr Health Centre, Lifeline Hospital Sohar conducted breast cancer awareness and screening programmes between 18.10.15 and 22.10.15.
The venues varied each day and camps were conducted in different schools in Liwa area and at Nabr and Liwa Health Centres. Aim was to promote awareness about the importance of regular screening to detect and treat breast cancer in the early stages to improve chances of full recovery.
Dr. Gomathi, Dr. Sheetal, Dr. Sudha and Dr. Deepa went on different days to designated schools / health centres for screening and counseling.
MOIC of Liwa thanked Lifeline Hospital for the support it has been extending to them over the last 4 years in promoting health awareness activities, especially among women. Lifeline had also organized mobile mammography service earlier for them as part of breast cancer screening programme