Multiple fractures fixed at one sitting

A young male with fractures of five major bones was treated successfully at LLH Sohar recently. In what was a 9-hour long procedure, doctors and support staff at Lifeline worked together to save the patient from a near life threatening injury by fixing all the five fractures in a single sitting.
Fracture of any major bone in the body can lead to immense loss of blood. When five bones are fractured, the blood loss is exponentially high which may lead to hypovolemic shock (a life-threatening condition that results when you lose more than one-fifth of your body's blood or fluid supply) and death. Handling such a polytrauma case is a great achievement for the hospital as the patient is recovering well now.
LLH Sohar has highly qualified orthopaedic surgeons, anaesthetists and support team to handle these types of emergencies. Various orthopaedic and surgical procedures - including key hole surgeries – are conducted here in well equipped operation theatres on daily basis.